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Our Louisville divorce lawyers begin assessing your needs from the very first conversation. Sometimes, this means a simple agreement with no property division. Other times, it means a detailed custody agreement, spousal support, and the division of complex assets. Your family and your facts are unique from every other case. Our custom uncontested divorce will allow you to achieve the same detailed agreement as any expensive, litigated divorce.

Just as importantly, our divorce attorneys will help you assess your own needs, and ensure you understand both your rights and your obligations in your divorce. We know the legal landscape can be tricky and confusing. We ensure that you understand all the terms of your divorce, as well as the long and short-term consequences of any settlement term.

We handle all filings and Court appearances! Our process is comprehensive, but also fast, easy and cheap!

Each and every day our goal is to help people achieve an amicable divorce with dignity, without added stress, and at an affordable cost. Give us a call to find out how we can offer a better Kentucky divorce.

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Property Division

This is where you determine who gets what. Our divorce agreements set forth a complete division of all assets and debts, based on your terms and Kentucky no-fault divorce statutes. We also protect you against your spouse's debts and financial obligations.

Child Custody / Parenting Schedules

You decide how decisions are made, and when the children are with each spouse. Custody and parenting time are among the most contentious areas of family and divorce law. We help you set forth clear schedules and guidelines to avoid conflict in the future.

Spousal Support / Maintenance

Spousal support can help the recipient transition toward financial independence, or provided long-term supplemental income. We address all aspects, including amount of payments, length of term, and the tax consequences of the payments, so that each party can plan for their post-divorce futures.

Child Support

Standard child support calculations can be simplistic and unrealistic. We help our clients craft child support agreements that reflect their unique circumstances, whether based on the guidelines, or based on actual expenses. We also address the payment of other child-related expenses that may not be included in your child support award.

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