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Kentucky statutes allow for a party to modify his or her child support obligation upon a showing of a substantial and continuing change of circumstances. What this means is that, under certain conditions, a person may ask for a child support obligation to be recalculated to reflect his or her current circumstances.


In order to modify a child support obligation based on a change of circumstances, you must show that the change is substantial. While there is no formal definition of ‘substantial’ in Kentucky’s child support laws, the statutes do provide guidance to the courts. 403.213 provides that if the proposed recalculated amount would be at lest 15% more or 15% less than the current obligation, the change is considered to be substantial. The end result is that if you experience a change of circumstances that would result in a fifteen percent change in your child support obligation, you may be entitled to a modification.


At Barrow Brown, our child support attorneys act fast to address child support defaults before they get out of control. Damage control can mean the difference between second chances and prosecution. We understand that economic circumstances can affect a person’s ability to meet their financial obligations. Contact one of our child support attorneys to learn about your options.

At Barrow Brown, we offer innovative solutions to complex legal issues and strive to serve our clients with compassion. Our child support lawyers proudly represent clients throughout Jefferson and surrounding counties. We are dedicated to providing cost-effective results for our clients.

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