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Child Support Enforcement

In Kentucky failure to pay child support can result in a variety of penalties. Punishment for failure to pay can range from having to pay for the other parties' attorney fees to jail time.

Contempt of Court

Once a child support obligation has been has been court ordered, failure to pay become a violation of that order. The Court can punish anyone that violates a court order by holding them in contempt of court. A court will normally allow a reasonable time for a defaulting party to comply with the order. In such cases, the court may order the defaulting party to pay the other parent's attorney's fees. If the party fails to comply, or if the party has a history of noncompliance, the court may sentence him or her to serve jail time. While incarcerated, the defaulting party continues to fall further behind in their support obligation.

Criminal Charges/Nonsupport

Failure to pay child support amounts to a crime in Kentucky. Many people are surprised to know that their failure to regularly pay their support can result in felony charges. In fact, once a party owes $2,000 or more they may be charged with felony nonsupport, resulting in prison sentences and a permanent felony record that will limit employment opportunities in the future.

In addition to the above penalties, bank accounts may be seized, tax refunds intercepted and judgments may be entered to collect past due child support. Many people receive a wake up call when their tax refund check is seized by the IRS to pay for past due child support.

At Barrow Brown our attorneys act fast to address child support defaults before they get out of control. Damage control can mean the difference between second chances and prosecution. We understand that economic circumstances can affect a person's ability to meet their financial obligations. Contact one of our child support attorneys to learn about your options.

We offer innovative solutions to complex legal issues and strive to serve our clients with compassion. Our child support lawyers proudly represent clients throughout Jefferson and surrounding counties. We are dedicated to providing cost-effective results for our clients.

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