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In Kentucky, a court will determine custody and support issues based on what is best for that child. Many times, children are dragged into the middle of the hostility involved in difficult divorces or failing relationships.  At Barrow Law Group, our child support lawyers focus on representing our clients’ interests in a way that protects the children from unnecessary conflict.

In Kentucky, there are specific guidelines which are followed in the determination of how much child support is to be allocated. Courts take into consideration the income levels of both parents as well as certain expenses, such as child care and medical insurance. Kentucky has statutory guidelines for determining child support amounts, but a judge has the authority to deviate from these guidelines if the situation warrants it.

Child support issues most often arise when the payer feels that the custodial parent is not using the funds to support the child or the custodial parent feels that they cannot make ends meet while the non custodial enjoys a comfortable lifestyle. The reality is often very different from these perceptions.

At Barrow Brown, we understand that parents have enough financial obligations already. We will work to resolve your support issue with minimal court involvement and additional legal costs. You need proactive representation to reach a fair result. Call us at 502-589-9353 to find out how we can help. Our child support attorneys proudly represent clients throughout Jefferson and surrounding counties.

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