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Many people believe that Social Security pertains only to retirement benefits. Disability benefits are less well known. Portions of the Social Security Act designed allow qualified persons to obtain Social Security Disability benefits in the event that they are unable to work.

Social Security disability benefits are available under two different programs under the Social Security Act. Regardless of which of these benefits you seek, our Social Security Disability Attorneys can assist your case from start to finish.

The first is Social Security Disability / Retirement Survivors Disability Insurance (SSDI). This program provides monthly disability payments to those who are younger than full retirement age and who are unable to engage in substantial employment. In order to qualify for SSDI benefits a claimant must have worked acquired a minimum number of quarters of employment.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is part of the Social Security Program that provides monthly disability benefits to those who have not worked long enough to qualify for SSDI. In order to receive SSI benefits a claimant must have limited resources and income.

Our Goal Is To Ensure That You Are Awarded Social Security Benefits

Our mission is simple: we strive to get Social Security claimants the benefits that they are entitled to. Our team consists of attorneys with years of experience handling the intricacies of the Social Security Act, having handled successful Social Security claims under both Social Security Disability / Retirement Survivors Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Give our Social Security Disability Attorneys a call at 502-589-9353 to set up a free consultation to evaluate your case. Your initial consultation is FREE.

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