Using Persistence And Passion To Win Your Father’s Rights Case In Court

Divorce can be a long battle through the court system, and while going over property separation, financial support and how you’re both going to parent your children together, we tend to lose sight of what is most important–the children.  When you’re fighting against your ex-wife in court for your father’s rights of your children, all the arguing in the world will get you nowhere.  In fact, it’s persistence and passion that will pay off in the end.  Â

It’s important to learn how to get your father’s rights message across without upsetting the judge or any other decision makers in the case.  Know that you are a confident, capable person that has his heart in the right place and wants to be a true father to his children–just because you’re the dad doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get full custody of your children after a divorce.  Many fathers complain, saying their state is more “mother friendly” and that getting custody is next to impossible unless your ex-wife is a drug user or can be proven mentally incapable of caring for the children on her own.  But this is definitely not the case, and this negative talk shouldn’t be considered when working on your own custody case through the courts.  Know that confidence is the key to success!Â

Another way to gain confidence in your case is by doing your research and turning the case around in your favor.  Instead of just being on the defense, take on some of the offense and throw your ex-wife and her attorney off track.  By turning the case around, you achieve what is called “case dominance” and will have the upper hand in the courtroom against your ex-wife.  This is a wonderful feeling for any father to have!Â

Remember, passion and persistence will show when you have the confidence to achieve anything!  Case domination will happen when your confidence shows and you show the judge that your true passion is protecting and being a father to your children.  Because really, when it boils down to it, that’s what really matters anyway.

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