The Three Questions You Need To Know In Order To Win Your Father’s Rights Case In Divorce Court

When you’re preparing for divorce court, there may be a lot going through your head.  This can be an emotional time for anyone, but understand that you need to be strong, confident, and prepared if you are going to be fighting against your ex-wife and her attorney Pro Se.  Don’t think of self-representation as an instant death sentence–instead, use it to your advantage.  Only you know your case inside and out–an attorney doesn’t.  Use your knowledge to your advantage and get started!  But before you get started, you need to take a few questions into consideration first.

What is it that you want?  What do you want out of the divorce settlement? What is most important to you?  For more fathers going through divorce case for father’s rights, it is custody of their children, reasonable visitation rights, and lowered financial child support.  Narrow down on a piece of paper what it is that you want from your divorce so that you have a clear goal in mind.

Why should the judge give you what you want?  Look at all the items on your list, and base each on fact.  What facts can you use to assist you in obtaining what you want?  Why should you be granted custody of your kids?  Why should you deserve reasonable visitation rights?  How can you defend lowered child support payments?  Think these through before you go compiling your important court paperwork.

And third, how can you prepare these documents to the court to get a favorable response?  Remember, going into court with your only argument being “it’s not fair!” is not going to get you anywhere.  You’ll want to make sure that you package your case to get the best response from the decision makers in the courtroom, and getting others to stand behind you and fight for your cause.

Many fathers have fought for their rights before you, and have paved the way for a future of more supportive, involved fathers, even with the growing divorce rates.  Know that you will be one of many that will fight for their children.  THIS is what you’re fighting for.  It’s not about the money, it’s not about the property, it’s not about anything else but the kids.

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