New Grandparents Rights – 7 Things Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Should Know

This is an article that is hard to write because it comes straight from my heart. My son was killed in a car wreck in February of 2008. The world as I knew it changed drastically. My son and his wife had 2 daughters and as God would have it, not known to anyone at the time a 3rd on the way. Another precious little girl. You can think everything but the bottom line for us has been that when my daughter-in-law choose to make a new life for herself, which she should, she has chosen to change the right for us to see the children. I was told by different people that were no grandparents rights but I have found out that is not correct.

Most if not all states are allowing grandparents visitation rights because they have established that these children need this bond with their grandparents.The number of grandparents raising grandchildren is on the rise due to several things that have been evolving over the last few years.The number one in my opinion is drug and substance abuse. These children in most instances are better off in a loving home than being placed with the state to take care of. I can not imagine not knowing where my grandchildren are but I am being put in a position of not knowing now if they are OK and not getting to see them on a regular basic. Below are 7 things that are strictly my opinion that grandparents should consider if they are facing any of these situations.

1. Talk with a lawyer and see what your options are in your state.

2. Never give up easily the right to see your grandchildren.

3. They cannot help what their parents do so do not put them in the middle and ask them to choose between you and their parents.

4. Do not listen to other people find out for yourself where you stand. At first I listened to other people and they were not correct. I wasted precious time.

5. Be prepared to accept the rights that you are asking for.

6. What if at some point they wanted or had to come live with you. Could you take them. Our roles may be changing from grandparents to parents again. A big change when we are facing retirement.

7. In my case with the lose of my son I have to remind myself that these children have lost their father. They are suffering too so above all else just let them know that you do want to see them and that you love them very much.

This article is a little off from what I usually write but it is real life for me right now and something I am dealing with that maybe other people are too. Seek and find the help that you need to make your world a better place. Never give up.

I hope you never have this problem but if you do be sure and search out your options. The New Grandparents Rights are certainly something to check out. I wish you all the best. Good luck with your grandchildren.
Jacquelyn Dunn

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