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Divorce….. it’s a simple word, meaning the end of a marriage. It only has seven letters and we hear the word almost every day. We hear it on TV and read about it magazines and other sources…. and it’s usually about the Hollywood & Entertainment types. Yet when this word is applied to your life, you immediately know it will have a lasting impact on the lives of those involved and your family. And I know this too…..because I see it and hear it almost every day when I talk with those I am helping.

Family law is highly emotional. Depending on your particular situation, your daily life might be like riding an emotional roller-coaster – where some days are good – yet so many more are bad.

As a divorce attorney, I can tell you that if you are contemplating divorce…this event will be one of the most emotionally draining events of your life. If there are kids involved, it’s even harder because many times your primary concern is how they will be affected – or will they even blame themselves for the divorce.

I know you have a lot of questions and need answers. And because divorce is so emotional, many times it can affect your ability to think clearly and make rational decisions on matters that will impact the rest of your life.

You’re not alone here, because everyone I’ve ever talked to about divorce has been in the same position.

That is why it just makes sense to have an experienced family law attorney at your side that provides a helping-hand and answers all of your questions.
Besides helping with the emotional aspect of divorce, an experienced divorce attorney will work the tough issues like child or spousal support, custody and visitation, and the proper split of debts and assets.

My name is Hugh Barrow….and I’d like to be your attorney and provide the help you need.
If your divorce calls for an aggressive approach when dealing with your spouse and their attorney, I will be that attorney. If your divorce might be civil or even uncontested, I will be that attorney as well.

Whatever the situation calls for….I will be that attorney.

If you or a family member needs help with a family law matter or a divorce in Louisville or surrounding counties, call me at 502-589-9353 for a FREE consultation.

Dedicated Family Law Attorneys

Attorney Hugh Barrow prides himself on truly understanding each and every case that he practices.  He knows that each client is an individual, with unique goals, fears and needs.  He will not simply plow ahead  and treat you as just another case.

Family law, by its very nature, is emotional. Divorce is thought to be one of the most stressful experiences that people endure. On the opposite end of the spectrum is adoption, where by families welcome a new, permanent member to their family.

No issue is more emotional than child custody. As a parent of two boys, Hugh Barrow understands the lengths to which parents will go to protect their children. He also knows that things are never black and white when comes to disputes over children.  Often, the key to a successful outcome is seeking middle ground, and not victory before a judge. In most cases, the litigants will have to continue to cooperate in some capacity as parents for many years once the litigation is complete. There is an art to successfully litigating a case without destroying the underlying parental relationships.

Our attorneys are ready to learn about your case and your goals. Contact us at 502-589-9353 to find out why we will be your strongest advocates.

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